Income Generation Projects

  1. Girls Gotta Run

    Donated: $1,211.52 Goal: $25,800.00

    The Girls Gotta Run Foundation is a non-profit organization using the sport of running as an innovative approach to create…

  2. Group Home

    Donated: $170.00 Goal: $8,500.00

    The Group Home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a safe place where three young men and a “house mom” are…

  3. AID4Guna-2020

    Donated: $0.00 Goal: $2,000.00

    Background: Welcome to our web page. NUEDI as they say in the Guna Language. We are a non-profit charitable organization…

  4. Calvary Wholistic Development

    Donated: $10,000.00 Goal: $12,000.00

    Personal Story: Tsegaye Eshete, a Canadian citizen with Ethiopian origin, grew up in this area and experienced the horrific conditions…

  5. Reverse Migration Project

    Donated: $0.00 Goal: $5,000.00

    The project originated in Canada after several years of organizing activities among the newcomers especially live in caregivers from the…


    Donated: $0.00 Goal: $115,800.00

    About 20% are living with HIV/AIDS, and that number is increasing. KEDHAP sponsors a broad range of services: education assistance,…

  7. Newlivelihood

    Donated: $8,746.00 Goal: $48,000.00

    The plan now seeks out the poorest of young women and men before they turn to seek to make a…

  8. Forestry For Life

    Donated: $85,259.36 Goal: $70,000.00

    The project has had success beyond what could have been imagined. There was great resistance initially in trying to change…

  9. New Hope

    $12,970.32 donated

    OUR MISSION is to provide ways for people living in poverty to improve their quality of life so that they…