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15 thoughts on “Heart of Ruth Mission

  1. Samantha Larking

    For Lengas education

  2. Peter Zeman

    This is for Mapenzie’s school year for 2020.

  3. Eric Murray

    We would like to sponser Raymond for another school year

  4. Krysta Tunn

    For Mohammed’s education

  5. Gisele Tunn

    For Mohammed’s education

  6. Christina Dalziel-Mallet

    For Morris’s 2020 school year please.

  7. Jonathan Dallaire

    Merry christmas

  8. Casey Morin

    For the rest of George’s tuition and a third of baraka jacksons tuition

  9. Christina Dalziel-Mallet

    For Morris ‘a 2020 school year

  10. Kendall Ryan

    For Kasichaunas education

  11. Taryn Barclay


  12. Danielle Irwin

    Mahenzo’s education

  13. Hilary Vassos

    God bless.

  14. Rebecca Dallaire

    Safari David’s education

  15. Andrea Senior

    For dear Patience Xo

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