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Here are some frequently asked questions about donating, volunteering and being a lead member with Devxchange. Simply expand the heading for details.


What is Devxchange?

Devxchange is a registered Canadian charity, founded in July of 2006. It allows many different international development projects to use the same administration therefore keeping admin cost very low (only 10%). All projects are run by volunteers. Our volunteers come up with the idea for a project, fundraise for it and implement it. DevXchanges makes sure that all of our projects are sustainable and work with a local partner.

Who can become a Project Leader and start a campaign?

In order to start a fundraising campaign you must become a DevXchange Project Lead Member, but anyone with an idea for a project can become a lead member! All projects must be sustainable, be located abroad, have a local partner and must work in one of our fields; agriculture/forestry development, income generation, health care, education or water.  If you wish to start a project, but do not know an implementing partner in the country you want to work in, you may contact DevXchange as we can help find an implementing partner. We suggest you go on a volunteer trip in order to meet your implementing partner before you start a project. Once you have a project idea and an implementing partner you must fill out the start a project application.  Please note, anyone who wishes to start a project must also become a member of Devxchange, you will be asked during the application process to pay a one time $45 membership fee.

How do I volunteer with Devxchange?

There are many ways and many opportunities to volunteer with Devxchange and help support our projects.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of roles. If you are interested in volunteering with Devxchange please apply here.


How do I make a monthly or reoccurring donation?

There are two ways to make a reoccurring donation

  1. Select the option for Recurring Monthly Donation from the menu of the project you wish to donate to. You can then enter any amount you wish. The amount will automatically be donated every month. If you wish to stop a monthly donation you can contact us, you must also contact us if you wish to make a yearly or daily recurring donation. To donate to DevXchange on a regular basis visit our Donate page and select how often you want to donate.
  2. To have monthly donations come out of your bank account- download our pre-authorized donation form, fill it out and mail it along with a void cheque to Devxchange at PO Box 224, Barrie, ON L4M 4T2.

How do I donate to a specific project?

To donate to a specific project you must first find it either by using search button or under campaign menu find the project you are interested in. For a listing of all campaigns –click here. From the Campaign page you can either select a perk from the right side bar or click the ‘Contribute Now’ button.  On the Donation page you will be given the option of how you wish to donate, select one and fill out the necessary information, make sure to include the project name if asked.

Where does my money go?

Your money will go directly towards the project you have chosen.  If for some reason the project you have chosen is unable to be completed your donation will go towards another project that is similar to the one you chose and you will be notified by email.

Do I receive a tax receipt for my donations?

All of your donations to Devxchange are eligible for a tax receipt. Your tax receipt will be mailed or emailed to to you at the end of February of the following year.

How do I make a donation as a U.S. citizen?

To make a tax deductible US donation please mail your cheque to

Cornerstone Fellowship Church
66 Waverley Drive, Suite 630
Fredrick, MD 21702

Please specify DevXchange and the name of the project that you would like to donate to.

How do I mail in a donation to DevXchange?

You may send a cheque made out to

PO Box 224
Barrie, ON L4M 4T2

Please specify by way of note or memo on cheque the designation.

How do I contact DevXchange?

The email and phone number are at the top of every page and you can also get the information from our contact page. Our preferred method is email as there is not always someone available to answer the phone.


How do I apply to start a project with Devxchange?

To apply to start a project with Devxchange please go to and fill out our application. Once you have done this you will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours with further instructions. We will provide you with a project proposal template and request your membership fee at this time. Our membership fee is a one time fee of $45.00

What do I get if I am accepted as a project?

Once you are a registered project of Devxchange you will have many opportunities like;

  • An online donation page
  • Tax deductible donations
  • A members self help “Dashboard”
  • Resources to fundraising support like grant writing materials, grant writing volunteers, appeal letter samples, marketing materials, etc
  • Social Media updates to your donors on our social media platforms
  • Training and Ongoing support via online meetings
  • Attend annual Devxchange events (AGM and Annual Joint Fundraiser)
  • Volunteer virtually on a flexible schedule